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Comprehensive specialty design and application cutting tool manufacturing to meet your tooling requirements. No matter what type of cutting design you may require, we have the solution you need.


Specialty Tooling

SRI Tool continues to be an innovative solution leader for specialty application design cutting tool products that exceed today's tougher adverse tooling environments.

Step Drills, Step Counterbores, Form Cutters, Special Reamers, Trepanning Tools, Countersinks, Taps, Threadmills, Carbide Burrs,Porting Tools, Diamond Tip Tools, Drawing Designed Specials, Annular Cutters, Diamond Plated Tools, Full Form Threading Tools, Subland Drills, PCD Inserts, Endmills, End Cutting Form Tools, Work Rest Blades, Carbide Form Tools, High Speed Steel Form Tools, Stellite and Dovetail Form Tools, Indexable Tooling, Carbide Tipped Cutters, Gun Drills, Diamond Coated Cutters, Dreamers, Draps, Circular Form Tools, Combination Application Tools, Specialty Knurls, and more.

  • Step Drills
  • Step Counterbores
  • Form Cutters (Carbide, Carbide Tips, HSS, M-42)
  • Special Reamers (Metric/English)
  • Trepanning Tools
  • Special Counter Sinks
  • Special, Metric & Acme Taps, Thread Mills
  • Special Carbide Burrs (Flex, Extension)
  • Porting Tools (Aircraft, Automotive)
  • Diamond Tip Tools (PCD, CBN)
  • Drawing Designed Specials (Engineered Services)
  • Special Annular Cutters
  • Diamond Plated Tools
  • Full Form Threading Tools



  • Subland Drills
  • PCD Inserts and Endmills
  • End Cutting Form Tools
  • Work Rest Blades
  • Carbide Form Tools
  • High Speed Steel Form Tools
  • Stellite Form Tools
  • Dovetail Form Tools
  • Special Indexable Tooling (Multi-Step)
  • Carbide Tipped Cutters
  • Gun Drills
  • Diamond Coated Cutters
  • Dreamers & Draps
  • Circular Form Tools
  • Combo Application Tools
  • Specialty Knurls

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